Military Program

Program Number 1: Cabine Upgrades

Naas panama Military Program

Once the airframe and dynamic systems were finished, NAAS moved onto installing mission equipment and cockpit modifications. In the cockpit, a custom night-vision-goggle (NVG)-compatible instrument panel featuring a Garmin G500H cockpit display, GTN 650H GPS, GTX 33H transponder, GMA 340 ICS system, EFIS 10 Stand by system, M800 Digital Clock, Artex 406 emergency locator transmitter, and MVP 50T for Pratt & Whitney PT6T-3B engine monitoring system, both pilots' seats were overhauled and reupholstered.

Program Number 2: Re-wiring Program

Naas panama Military Program

Qualified technical staff chosen from among the best experts in the fields of avionics making high-tech changes in Copa Airlines aircraft.

Program Number 3: S.L.E.P. Rotary Wing

Naas panama Military Program

The Bell 212 with the registration AN-121 and serial number 35058 was selected to be the first aircraft to go through the SLEP process, first undergoing detailed Phase A and B inspections using BHT-212-MM specifications. The inspections required the removal — and, as necessary, replacement — of all components including flight controls, fuel cells, instruments, avionics, and wiring. The entire drive system was overhauled, including the main rotor hub, rotor mast, swashplate, both tail rotor gear boxes, main transmission, and oil cooler assembly. Both main and tail rotor blades were inspected, repaired, and resurfaced. The landing gear was installed new. Re-Wire was done system and The Pratt & Whitney PT6T-3B Turbo Twin Pac engines were inspected and run in a test cell for functional checks.

At the same time, the historical records of the aircraft were reviewed for discrepancies on parts life limits. The airframe was also "militarized," in your design and finish paint exterior. Covers were fabricated for the nose where electronic equipment had been located. Structural repairs were made throughout the airframe to extend its life, IAW BHT-SRM and doors and windows was replaced. The airframe interior and all compartments were cleaned, inspected and repaired, then painted a gloss white for ease of inspection and cleaning. To increase performance in hot-and-high conditions, the aircraft was equipped with a BLR Fast Fin and tailboom dual strakes.

Program Number 4: S.L.E.P. Fixed Wing

Naas panama Military Program

Technical specialists in the field structures and modified avionics and wiring with high-tech running on major aircraft maintenance work casa 212, belonging to the national air service.